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  • Martin: But-- I've got my EasyJet interview on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Carolyn: You can still do that. I don't care what you do in your twelve hours; you can sleep or try to sneak away from my company like a snivelling rat, it's all the same to me.
  • Martin: I could start looking for another job, you know.
  • Carolyn: Oh, good heavens, aren't you already?
  • Martin: Of course not.
  • Carolyn: Well why ever not?
  • Martin: Well, you know, ah, loyalty.
  • Carolyn: Oh, Martin, no! I don't want to lose you but you really ought to be looking for other jobs! I assumed you were!
  • Martin: But what would happen to MJN? Well you wouldn't be able to find any other free pilots!
  • Carolyn: No, well, we'd fold, but, Martin! We're going to fold sooner or later.
  • Martin: No we're not!
  • Carolyn: Of course we are, we've been on borrowed time for years! And you'll look far better applying as an employed pilot than as an unemployed one.
  • Martin: Carolyn, I didn't realise that--
  • Martin: Swiss Airways is going international?
  • Carolyn: Yes, although that wasn't really the focus of my story.
  • Martin: Oh, sorry, it's'll be recruiting, then, will they?
  • Carolyn: Ahh, I see, yes! Yes, and you should apply.
  • Douglas: Oh, should he?
  • Carolyn: Yes, of course he should, I keep telling him he should be looking for other jobs.
  • Douglas: Do you indeed?
  • Carolyn: Yes! I'm fed up with not being able to pay him, he needs to spread his wings!
  • Douglas: Even as we fold ours.
  • ...
  • Douglas: Well you must certainly apply to SA, then.
  • Martin: Really?
  • Douglas: Absolutely! Major airline recruiting just down the road from your girlfriend--
  • Martin: She's not my girlfriend...
  • Douglas: --too good a chance to miss! Even if you don't get in, the interview will be good practice. And if you do, you might even get to fly with someone who doesn't pinch your travel iron out of your flight bag to fry himself a bacon butty.
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